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NINA C. (AGE 39) U.S.

LOST: 14 LBS (6.3 KG)

BEFORE: 138 lbs (62.5 kg)
AFTER: 124 lbs (56.2 kg)

At 51 I had just gone through a major event in my life and I knew I had to do something because I was pretty depressed and I felt terrible about the way I looked and felt. Over the years I had put on a lot of weight and even though I had tried a lot of diets and weight loss programs, I just couldn’t lose any weight.

I did some research and found Brett and Giuliana and the fact that they specialized in people over 40 made a lot of sense to me. I met with them and was convinced right away they were the right personal trainers for me. I am very happy to say that since I started working out with Giuliana I have lost over 39lbs. of Body Fat and feel great. I love the way I look and feel now and I can get into clothes that I haven’t worn in over 15years. I have a lot more energy now and Giuliana told me that was due to the fact that I lost so much weight and my metabolism has increased.

I am so glad I found Giuliana and I feel like I have a whole new life.

Thanks so much Giuliana!

** As with any weight loss program individual results may vary.