Your food choices and lethargy

One of the most common problems people are facing throughout the world facing these days is obesity and gaining weight easily due to poor eating habits. With a variety of tempting food and drinks available, and our work habits have modified our lifestyle and eating habits. The result is lethargy.

It makes us feel exhausted, reduces your stamina, and decreases your metabolic rate. Reduced energy levels will affect your productivity and performance at work, daily chores, and your social interaction and relationships. Additionally, feeling sleepy and lethargic all the time will affect the amount of effort you put into the above factors.

You must eat wisely and make smart choices when it comes to food and drinks. Some of the foods that reduce your energy level and stamina and can cause weight gain and other health concerns are the following:

1. Refined white flour

White flour, and any food item made using refined flour has a high Glycemic index. Food like white bread, pastries, and other items increases your energy and sugar level. However, that is followed by a drastic fall in your energy and sugar level. This is because white flour does not have any fiber, allowing the digestion process to work quickly. This reduces your energy level and also makes you feel hungry again. You should try having whole grain bread as it has fiber that slows down the digestion process, making you feel full and also helping you control your appetite.

2. Fried Food

Who doesn’t love donuts, French fries, southern fried chicken and so many other countless fried food that contain high level of fat and carbohydrates? The problem is that it takes a lot of time, energy and blood circulation to get such fried fatty food broken down and digested. The duration and body energy sources being used up to digests the fried food makes you feel tired and fatigued. Additionally, the decrease in your stamina make you sleepy and incapable of being physically active and productive, which affects your lifestyle and may even lead to stress. You should avoid red meat with high levels of fat and opt for low fat meats.

3. Caffeinated beverages

We love to drink our coffee early in the morning to make us feel alert and fresh and all set for work. There are various sources of caffeine which include cold drinks, tea and energy drinks. The most common caffeine that we crave is coffee that serves as a stimulant and keeps us energized for quite some time but gradually as the effects of the caffeine wear off; you begin to feel drowsy and sluggish and you may want to drink another cup of coffee. You may feel an immediate collapse of energy that will wear you down. If coffee or other caffeinated beverages become a regular habit it starts to become a habit as you become immune to the effects of caffeine. As a result, in the beginning, avoiding coffee or other caffeinated drinks will lead to minor withdrawal symptoms and cause fatigue and lack of concentration. However, overtime, as you rely on healthier alternatives (green tea, licorice tea, wheatgrass juice, etc.), you will recover.

4. Salt and sugar

Having too much intake of salty foods leaves you fatigued and dehydrated. You will have trouble concentrating and feely sleepy. This lack of energy will make you less physically active subsequently leading to gaining weight.

We all crave for sweet treats and desserts and might even indulge ourselves in sugar based food while passing by freshly baked cupcake and smelling the strong aroma that call you out. You are lured into having it. At times, you might get depressed hog into a tub of ice cream. Having once in awhile is fine but regular intake sugar-based products boost your energy level and your sugar, you may feel stimulated and energized but the sugar level will drastically fall and leave you dro0wsy, fatigued, irritable and inattentive.

Become food savvy to stay fit and active

All these foods are the common reason for poor lifestyle choices and ineffective daily routine subsequently leading to gaining weight and health. So, become health food savvy. Learn to balance out all the types of food. You have sweets but you can always portion control the amount of salt or sugar and other such items you might be having. Indulging in such food once in a while is great but make sure it does not become part of your daily meals.