Name: Brett Yokely
Position: * Creator/Owner
Qualifications: * Certified Personal Trainer for 32 Years.
* Certified Senior Fitness Trainer.
* Certified Nutrition Specialist.
* Owner of BetterBodies Fitness Personal Training Facility.
Specialty/Focus: Fitness and Weight Loss Programs for People Over 40. Corrective Exercise, Muscular Imbalance and Injury Prevention.

Personal Bio: I have been a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer since 1983 and over the past 32 years I have trained thousands of clients to lose weight and get fit. Early in my Personal Training career it became obvious to me that my clients over 40 really struggled to lose fat and get back in shape, I realized that this was the group of people that needed help the most, that’s when I decided to specialize and focus on people over 40. I learned everything I could about aging and metabolism; aging and hormone decline; hormone decline and muscle loss. Over the years I have developed my fitover40 programs which is my Fat-Burning Meal Plans which incorporate my “60/40 Calorie Rule” along with my fitover40 exercise plans that work synergistically to deliver consistent results for my clients. I knew then as I know now – My value as a Personal Trainer to my clients depends on helping them get results and achieve their goals.

My History * Former College football player
* Bodybuilding: Competed from 1984-2004 (National level)

Titles Won: Mr. Arizona 1989
Mr. Georgia 2004
*Professional Wrestling: 2 years (WCW) trained by “Mr Wonderful” Paul Orndorff
*Personal Training: 1983 Beauvais Gym, Tempe, Arizona. Began career as Certified Personal Trainer
1987 World Gym, Scottsdale, Arizona. Began focusing on 40+ fitness
– Rehabilitation
– Weight loss
– Corrective exercise
1999 Golds Gym, Marietta, Georgia. Started “BetterBodies Fitness” inside Golds Gym.
Designed programs; trained and managed all trainers as well as all weight loss and fitness
Programs. Special emphasis was put into Personal Training clients who were over 40.
2004 Opened my own personal training gym – “BetterBodies Fitness”, Atlanta, Georgia.
A state-of-the-art private personal training facility specializing in people over 40 where me and my wife Giuliana focus on clients to help them achieve their weight loss and fitness
Name: Giuliana Yokely
Position: * Co-Owner
Qualifications: * Certified Personal Trainer Brazil/USA for 7 Years.
* Certified Nutrition Specialist.
Specialty/Focus: Fitness and Weight Loss Programs for People Over 40. Strength and Flexibility. Aerobic Conditioning.

Personal Bio: I have been involved with the Health and Fitness Lifestyle since I was 17 years old. I am from Brazil and our culture has always put a high value on living a healthy and active Lifestyle. My early emphasis on fitness was running, which I eventually developed into competitive level running. As time progressed I felt like I needed more to strengthen my “whole body”. I began weight training and combined that with my running in a “cross-training program”.

As a 45 year old Mother and a super-busy Personal Trainer I understand the importance of staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle after 40. My clients rely on me for nutritional guidance and safe, effective workout programs to help them get fit and stay strong and this is very important to me, and this is why I love doing what I do.