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Exercise and Staying Fit can keep Your Brain Young

*Exercise can cut Your Risk of Alzheimer’s in half -  According to a New Study. Half of Americans believe that games like Crosswords, Chess, Computer Games and other mental tasks keep their brains healthy, according to a 2014 AARP survey — but there is little evidence that they do. If you really want to build [...]

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These simple everyday foods ARE killing your energy!

Some valuable tips for All Day Energy By Brett Yokley Fitover40trainer.com Lack of energy is the #1 health complaint in America today. The growth of chronic fatigue and constant tiredness as a health complaint has paralleled the growth of obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Less than a hundred years ago these problems were rare; [...]

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Does Alcohol Increase Belly Fat when you’re Over 40?

Can You Still Drink and Lose Weight and get Fit? By Brett Yokley Fitover40trainer.com I deal with this subject on a daily basis with a lot of my Personal Training Clients in my gym. They want to lose weight...but they still want to be able to have a few drinks a week. I always tell [...]

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How To Stay Energized All Day Long

After a long strenuous day at work and at home you feel overwhelmed and completely void of stamina and energy to take care of yourself or your family. This is a common problem being faced by most of the working women and men as well. After you reach a certain age, the exhaustion levels begin [...]

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4 Foods That Reduce Your Energy

Your food choices and lethargy One of the most common problems people are facing throughout the world facing these days is obesity and gaining weight easily due to poor eating habits. With a variety of tempting food and drinks available, and our work habits have modified our lifestyle and eating habits. The result is lethargy. [...]

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