High Protein Burns More BodyFat

By Brett Yokley


Since 1983 I have been a Personal Trainer (35 years and still going). I have trained well over 10,000 clients both In-person and online who are over 40 and want to lose weight and get fit. Back in 1983 when I began training clients it was pretty difficult to explain to people how they needed protein in their daily diet to help them burn BodyFat. I told them how protein was essential for maintaining their body’s muscle and how it boosted the metabolism which in turn burned more fat. In 1983 most of my clients had little idea what protein was, and they probably thought that protein was only for Bodybuilders or athletes. I kept up my protein talks even though I could tell the majority of them probably weren’t going to add more protein in their diet.

In the 10 years or so TV and food companies have caught onto the trend and now focus on advertising their products with the emphasis on higher protein. This has actually made my job a lot easier.

When you’re over 40, your need for more protein is more important than it ever was, especially Women that are over 40.

Your body’s muscle is often referred to as “Your Metabolic Machinery”. When you start to lose muscle your metabolism slows down and the opposite is true…If you build back that muscle your metabolism speeds up. More muscle burns more fat!

How Does Higher Protein Burn More Fat?
Research has proven that the average person can burn up to an extra 100 calories per day all by increasing protein in their diet. Protein not only boosts your metabolism, it decreases appetite and it also increases your production of weight regulating hormones.

How Does Higher Protein Increase Weight Regulating Hormones?
A person’s weight is regulated by the hypothalamus gland which is located in your brain. When you have higher protein intake in your diet it increases the production of Glucagon-like Peptide-1(GLP-1) and Cholecystokinin which increases the digestion of fat and protein. Protein also reduces the production of Ghrelin “the hunger hormone”. These hormone production changes controls your appetite and you end up eating less calories throughout the day and you start seeing the weight come off.

Do you know how much protein your body needs per day? How much protein should you have at each meal? Everybody’s requirements are different and several factors need to be considered…gender, age, weight, body type, BodyFat %, activity level. All this information is gathered from you when you complete our questionnaire when you sign up @ fitover40trainer.com. We calculate your daily calorie requirements along with the correct levels of protein in your personalized meal plan and you start burning fat while building strength back into your body.

Whatever you do, start an exercise program, include lifting weights to exercise your muscle and do some cardio training for your heart and start eating a lower calorie diet that contains a higher amount of protein.

Want some advice on losing weight? Contact me at info@fitover40trainer.com I’ll do my best to answer your question.

 Talk to you soon.

Brett Yokley
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Senior Fitness Trainer.
Certified Nutrition Specialist.
Owner/BetterBodies Fitness Personal Training Gym.