How To Lose Muscles And Accumulated Body Fat

Your Ego and Your Health

When you look in the mirror, what you see? A reflection of a middle-aged person who is showing aging or a beautiful confident person who can seize the day and look gorgeous while doing it? It’s all about illusion of how you see yourself.

The question is what is more important: fixating on how others body shame you, or embrace yourself and avoid self-negative talk, and make the best of it while working on what you want to look like.  It’s like the mythological story of narcissus who got fixated on his beauty while looking at his reflection in the water. It made him obsessed and dependent which ultimately led to his death. It’s tragic but true in our own real world as well.

Muscle mass and body fat

After the age of 40 you tend to lose more stamina and energy, this ironically is provided by muscles in your body. The more muscle mass you have the more stamina you will have to burn the body fat. The key is to lose the accumulated fat buy using the energy provided by the muscle mass.  Once the fat starts burning and you have reached your target weight. You then work on the muscle mass

As mentioned earlier, the more muscle the more energy we have, so what the trainers help you do is to sustain your muscle mass depending on your goals. Additionally, the trainers give clients a tailored diet and exercise regimen that will help in toning down the muscles and making them look lean. It’s all about creating an optical illusion. The muscle mass remains but gets leaner and toned down. This not only reduces your weight but makes you look smarter but also active.

Select your own cardio workout

When people reach the age of 40 or more they should start exercising more according to their capacity, and take care of their diet and daily routine habits. Hiring a personal trainer helps you stay motivated to follow the exercise routine. They also make sure you do it with correct posture and don’t forget to skip a diet plan or and exercise. The exercise could be as simple as walking, yoga, Pilates, swimming etc. in addition, you know the French are famous for eating every kind of rich food but they eat in small portions. It’s all about quantity control, they climb stairs instead of walking if the distance is of a fair distance, such small changes in your own routine will help you gain more stamina and help you lose weight.

Diet plan for lean muscles and burned out fat

The personal trainer provides you with your own customized daily diet plan for each individual client. It helps them to meet your needs and objective. The tailored meals help you have lean muscles but help you reduce all the accumulated fat. Remember the last time you wore a tight jeans? Where is it now? Somewhere at the back of your closet gathering dust. It’s time to take them out and keep that as your goal to fit into those jeans.

Low carbohydrates and low calories diet with more protein is much healthy for you. It helps in maintain mass and burn fat. Red meat and salt should be cut back and your lifestyle routine such as your sleep cycle need s to improve. Portions of food are extremely essential while cooking and eating. The protein helps in elevating your energy level and prevents you from losing more muscle mass. For example fish, chicken, low fat dairy products for calcium intake and egg whites etc. along with fruits and vegetables dietary fibers are also important for healthy regulating body.

Writing a journal of your diet regime

Apart from yoga, cycling and swimming or walking the trainer and you yourself can get videos to resistance training programs and circuit training programs. You must change your lifestyle, keeping a records or journal of your exercise, daily meals and sleeping and other habits will help you overcome and discuss them with your trainer or at least give you some idea if a particular diet and exercise is helping you or not.

It’s  all about cutting back on calories it increase the metabolism so that you have enough energy to lose weight. This training is about helping you stay healthy and active and make tour bones and muscles stronger too. It involves weight-lifting with the right kind of trainer. You can use safe and easy weight-lifting regimes that will tone down your muscles and burn your fat.

The same goes for your regular cardio activity like swimming or kick-boxing and skipping. Do exercises that release your serotonin and endorphin that make you happy and stress free.

Resistance training and circuit training

Few of the resistance training are:

SQUAT JUMPING:  Start with 20 seconds of squat jumping and then a 5 minute break and repeat the cycle again. Practice atleast 10 sets regularly.

As your body gets accustomed to the squats, the exercise needs to become more intense or evolved. Along with squats, extend yourself and raise your arms as high as you can.

Another circuit training regimen is of pushups.  Keep your back straight and use weight or just use your body weight to do build pressure and carry out the pushups.

PLANK EXERCISE: Plank is one of the best new exercise for the abdominal area. You hold both your downwards on the surface with your back straight above the ground and the toes touching the surface downwards. Start by allowing your knees to touch the floor and gradually pick up the pace and then hold yourself using hand and toes. This is the plank method.

LANDMINE TWIST: One of the many circuit exercises is land mine twist. Hold a landmine apparatus with both your hands and then swing the barbell to the next side, lower it to the hips and swing it to the other side. Roll your body back and swing it to the other way. Such and many more circuit exercises help prevent osteoporosis, while boosting your energy.

BURPEES: Another of our favorites. Stand in an upright position and bend your knees while doing so without any movement try to touch the floor with your hands. Push your leg backwards and slowly start placing your knees upward towards your chest and retreat to the same upright standing position.

SQUAT TO OVER HEAD PRESS: Start by putting your feet apart and bend your elbows while using two 5 pounds weight in each hand on the shoulders.  Push forward and squat without moving any other body part.

SINGLE-LEG DUMBELL ROW: Hold a chair with the right hand and 5 to 10 pounds of weight on the left hand. Pull one leg in a straight upright position all simultaneously. The leg should be parallel to the floor. The other leg should be pulled up above the ground and the dumbbell should be facing down wards. Bend your elbow and slowly lift it up and then take rest and repeat the process again.

STEP-UP WITH BICEP CURL: Place your left foot straighten upright position on your chair while lifting 2 5 ounces of dumbbells. Lift the right thigh while lifting up the weights of both hands together. Switch sides and repeat. Do 15 reps for each.

Looking in the mirror

It’s time you look in the mirror and see yourself for who you are and not how people define you to be. You are perfect and if you desire to lose weight it should be your choice but not the choice of people around you. You can look gorgeous at any shape size and form. Remember: health is the key to happiness as it keeps us active and the will to move on. So, carrying out more activities that will help you release endorphins and serotonin and get fresh air will keep you energized and motivated.