5 Secrets for Tons of Energy

By Brett Yokley

Lack of energy is the #1 health complaint in America today.

By the end of the day when most people get home from work, they’re exhausted and have no energy left for anything except eating a huge (fattening) dinner and flopping in front of the television and waiting to be overcome by sleep.

There are 3 main factors that have a huge influence on your day-to-day energy level. Those factors are:

  1. Bad Eating Habits
  2. Lack of Exercise and Physical Activity
  3. Stress…Drains You of Energy

1. ) Your food choices have a profound effect on your energy level…

If you are like most people your diet is high in candy, junk food, snack foods, or high in processed carbohydrates such as rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, crackers, chips and so on, odds are you are tired just about all the time.

It’s a very common mistake to think that all carbohydrates give you energy. Quite the opposite is true.

Most carbohydrates like the one listed above spike your blood sugar which gives you a momentary charge of energy, but then insulin is released from the pancreas to lower the rising blood sugar and energy drops.

Insulin lowers your blood sugar BELOW where it was before you ate the candy, pasta, or other processed carbohydrate food – resulting in a serious “energy low.”

Now you actually crave the simple sugars again and you reach for another brownie, snack cake, or hand full of chips or jellybeans. The result, more glucose, more rising blood sugar, another insulin response, a new energy low,

2. ) Lack of a regular exercise routine (especially if you’re over 40)

Get up and move! Exercise creates energy, improves your health, and builds self-discipline and self-esteem. You need to get up off your rear-end and exercise!

If you work at a desk most of the day, you need to get up often and take 30-60 second breaks. Walk around, Stretch, get the blood flowing, take a deep breath, you need an energy break.

But most importantly, the key to greater energy is to discipline yourself to a regular workout program 3-4 times per week.

Make sure you choose an workout program that will strengthen and tone your body – not one that fatigues you and gives you sore joints and aches and pains.

I have testimonials all over the walls of my Fitness Facility here in Marietta, Georgia and they all mention something about how much their energy levels have increased.

3. ) Stress drains your energy; you feel exhausted and will eventually destroy your health

Exercise has always been recognized for its ability to combat stress.
Doctors believe that vigorous activity can cause the release of certain feel-good chemicals such as:

  • Beta-endorphin, a natural mood-enhancer, which may appear in the blood after as little as twelve minutes of exercise.
  • Serotonin, another naturally-occurring substance that produces a feeling of well-being.

One simple thing you can do to begin to minimize the negative effects of stress is to take a good multivitamin. If you have a high stress lifestyle, there is every reason to believe you will benefit greatly from a good multivitamin.

Another is to get at least 7-8 hours of restful sleep every night

The “5” Secrets for tons of energy are…

1.) Follow a workout program 3-4x per week
2.) Eat 4-5 smaller “protein rich” meals per day
3.) Cut down on carbohydrates and fats (especially after 3 p.m.)
4.) Drink at least 8-10 (12 ounce) glasses of water per day
5.) Take a good multivitamin daily (Twinlab’s one-a-day capsules would be my choice)
6.) Take an EFA (essential fatty acid) supplement

Oh well; that’s six – but who’s counting?

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Brett Yokley
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Senior Fitness Trainer.
Certified Nutrition Specialist.
Owner/BetterBodies Fitness Personal Training Gym.