All my meal plans are personalized and created using my FitOver40Trainer Body Typing System© to Your specific body type and exact calorie requirements. Based on the information that you submit in your assessment questionnaire; I custom design your meal plan to the foods “YOU” like. These can be tailored specifically to YOUR food preferences (FitFast Menu©; Gluten-Free; Vegetarian). Your calorie requirements will be worked out precisely with the correct amounts of Proteins; Carbs and Fats, so that you will be successful in reaching your goals. These Fat-Burning meal plans will Super-Charge your metabolism; burn excess body fat and give you all day Energy.

All my personalized meal plans are based on what I call my “60/40 Rule”, which matches you’re calorie consumption throughout the day with your body’s metabolism, which will have you burning fat right away and boost your energy. When you are over 40, it does matter when you eat during the day and my 60/40 Rule will have you consuming 60% of your calories in the first half of the day and 40% in the later part of the day. Best of all you won’t be hungry! When You match the calorie consumption with your metabolic rate; not only does this assist in giving you Tons more Energy, it also makes it possible for your body to utilize those calories and burn them as an Energy Source and that is how you will start to see a big difference in Boosting your Energy Levels and the Disappearance of Your Excess Body Fat!


(Choice of Home or Gym).

Every exercise in Your Personalized Plan will come with INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO’S That will include either Myself or my wife “Giuliana” showing you “in-detail” exactly how to perform each individual exercise in the proper form for Maximum Benefit and to Keep you Safe and Free from Injury!

All exercise plans are personalized and created for you using my FitOver40Trainer Body Typing System© for Your specific body type so that you will achieve the best results possible. In your assessment questionnaire you will notice a section where you can select from a variety of body types that most closely resembles your body type (simply point and click) Click to see Assessment Questionnaire. You will also be asked to complete a section on your physical statistics…gender, age, height, weight, body fat% or BMI, physical history and physical limitations, (any and all prior injuries that need to be considered for a complete effective exercise program to be created).

You can select to have your exercise plan designed for In-Home or Gym option. You can also indicate how many times per week you would like your program to include. Your program will be customized according to your fitness level and fitness(physical) abilities. We will determine from your Personal Assessment Evaluation Questionnaire which experience level to start you at; Beginner, Moderate, Intermediate, Advanced. Your program will be designed with the most effective exercises to maximize your time and efficiency for maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Your Personalized Exercise Program is designed for you to lose body fat, build lean muscle tissue that is so vitally important to maintain a Strong, Vibrant and Youthful Body and it will bring back the Energy you had in your 20’s and 30’s.


Smart, effective abdominal routines will be designed according to your specific abilities and goals. You will have the ability to switch out for different exercises if for any reason you are unable or uncomfortable to properly and fully complete any specific exercise. We will create your abdominal routine in a very specific sequence of exercises to give you the best results possible, slimming your waist, strengthening your Core muscles and burning belly fat. You will actually start to see your waistline shrink and your pants getting looser.


Women and Men are very different and need different programs to achieve their desired result. As you would have guessed, Women and Men have different daily calorie requirements also, age and activity level are also factors used to determine the exact program that is designed for YOU. Women and Men are very different when it comes to exercising different muscle groups. Women primarily focus on strengthening and shaping smaller muscle groups as well as different body parts (Butt, legs, Arms). Men tend to want to focus on developing larger muscle groups (Chest, Shoulders, and Back).


We design the best and most effective cardio programs for you based on your own unique physical capabilities gathered from your personal assessment questionnaire. Your cardio program will safely exercise your heart at different ranges of intensity; resulting in a much stronger cardio fitness than ever before. You will get Maximum Results without wear and tear on your knees or hips. YOU WILL lose that stubborn body fat and boost your ENERGY every session.


The nutritional supplements section of my website are optional and are not required for you to achieve success with my programs – However, if you desire to add these supplements for fat loss, building strength, energy, joint pain and overall health, I have a Recommended Nutritional Supplement Guide that is very specific and easy to understand on the ones I Personally Recommend. I have been in the Personal Training business a long time (32 years) and you can imagine when it comes to supplements and fad diet gimmicks I have seen it all; so I am very well educated and informed on what works and what doesn’t.


Receive ongoing email blogs and videos that give you support and guidance along the way helping you to realize your goals successfully. You can also email us with any questions about your program @ support@fitover40trainer.com and we will get back to you right away with your answer.


All my FitOver40Trainer Programs are done online; I own and operate my own Personal Training Gym in the United States and have clients that I train in different parts of the world! Once you have made the purchase and submitted the required personal assessment questionnaire after your purchase; I will review your personal information and your desired goals, then I will design and construct your personalized meal plan and exercise programs. This takes 1-3 days, once these are completed they will be uploaded to your private account which you can access them 24 hrs a day in the members area of my website and begin getting results on your schedule.


As always, I stand behind my Personal Training Programs with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, which simply states that If after the first 15 days you are not satisfied with your results, simply request a full refund within the first 15 days of purchase and you will get a full refund 100% !


I have been a Certified Personal Trainer since 1983 (that’s 32 years). I specialize and focus my personal training exclusively for people over 40. I know and understand the Science of aging after 40 – “The Hormone Decline”, “Slower Metabolism”, “Losing Valuable Muscle Tissue”, and “No Energy”. I design programs everyday that meet these challenges head-on and MY CLIENTS GET RESULTS (THAT’S WHY THEY STAY WITH ME FOR 6, 8, 11 YEARS). And remember you have nothing to lose with my 15 day Money-Back Guarantee.

**After you purchase and sign-up with my FitOver40 Trainer program you will be asked to fill out and submit your personal assessment questionnaire; this information is kept private and is required and necessary for me to custom design your personalized meal plan and exercise plans. It will take me approximately 2-3 days to complete your plans and send them to you**