Women and belly fat

The most common problem that women face is the belly fat. You are not able to fit into your dress you feel a lack in confidence and self-esteem, and that does not help in reducing your belly fat. Most women are even body shamed by others for having a pooch. Belly fat has a lot of disadvantages for your health; so, it is important for you to empower yourself and lose that belly fat.

Factors for having a fat tummy

There are numerous reasons for women ending up having a belly fat. Few of the common reasons for have belly fat are:

  1. Genetics
  2. Weak metabolism
  3. Hormonal changes like, low level of estrogen, stress and lack of sleep increases cortisol level that causes the fat to accumulate.
  4. Other factors are having a slouched posture, overeating, and lack of physical activity in daily life.

Eating regime to burn your pooch

Whatever the reasons might be for you to have that bloated stomach, you can still reduce your tummy by simply changing your eating habits and make smarter choice in food. Few of the recommendations for what to eat and which food you need to avoid are the following:

  1. You must avoid intake of sugar and sweetened drinks of any kind. Minimize the amount of sugar intake and eat plenty of fresh fruits.
  2. Eat more of protein based food like eggs, dairy products and other available protein based food. It increases the metabolic rate of your body and studies provide evidence that it helps in reducing the accumulated belly fat.
  3. Avoid all carbohydrates based food as it curbs your appetite and due to having less quantity of food you automatically lose weight.
  4. You should have more intakes of food rich in fiber. Having fiber based food slows down the digestive process and the movement the stomach and bowels giving you a sense of a full stomach. Subsequently this will make you feel less hungry and you will be taking less amount of food. Cereal, oats and vegetables provide plenty of energy.
  5. Having food that are rich in polyunsaturated fats like, nuts, fish and seeds. This help in increasing muscle mass and decreasing the belly fats. Such food helps in eliminating the visceral fat in your tummy.
  6. Avoid sodium intake like having too much salt. This can bloat your tummy.

You must keep a track of what you are eating and how much quantity or amount of food is being taken. Keeping in mind the kind of food that should be taken and what must be avoided, it will now much easier for you to make plan for you daily meal and the control the proportion and quantity of fat inducing food.

Exercising right, to burn of the belly fat

Taking care of your diet alone will not help you to lose that tummy weight. Rather, you must change your daily routine and carry out more exercises and physical activity. Aerobic exercises are simpler, and help you with burning away that flab of fat on your tummy. Swimming, cycling, running, walking, and jogging will help you lose your belly fat.

There are other simple exercises that could be carried out 2 of the examples of the exercises are as follows:

  1. Crunches: lay on ground with hand behind head, makes upward and feet on the found. Move your upper torso and inhale and exhale while pushing yourself back and forth.
  2. Bending side to side: put your right hand on your hip with legs together and move the left hand on the right side and reach your waistline for 15 seconds. Vice versa for the other side.

Herbal methods, like having green tea or lemon, and honey water with cinnamon powder in warm water help in increasing metabolic rate and losing belly fat.

Balanced lifestyle and a flat tummy

The secret is to balance your lifestyle choices in your regular life try to stay relaxed make sure to get well rested sleep and chose for the for an exercise that you find easy and enjoy doing. With a little self-control and smart eating you will be able to burn that fat easily. Have a good healthy breakfast to increase your metabolic rate and keep your tummy flat.