After a long strenuous day at work and at home you feel overwhelmed and completely void of stamina and energy to take care of yourself or your family. This is a common problem being faced by most of the working women and men as well. After you reach a certain age, the exhaustion levels begin to increase and your energy reduces. In this post, we will discuss some methods that will allow you to stay fit over 40.

Fixing Your Eating Habits

Usually, people with poor eating habits like eating a lot of junk food and carbohydrates and other form of such items damage your energy level. It upset your body mechanism and regulation of all the biological systems. Especially after reaching 40, you must cut down on such food it only consumes your energy. Have a healthy meal and make sure to have a good breakfast, it helps in increasing the metabolism. Eat more protein based food. Have more multivitamins based food.

Exercising regularly

It could be any form of daily exercise, including yoga, Pilates, brisk walk, swimming or some other workout suitable to your needs. Proper, regular exercise helps release Endorphins and serotonin that reduce stress level and releases the happy hormones. Furthermore, workouts help in increasing the muscle strength and helps in making them lean and toned. This gives you more energy and stamina all day long.

Reducing stress levels

Certain workout routines help in releasing your endorphins and serotonin, both of which help in reducing stress and elevating your mood. When you are more a happy and relaxed, you feel more energized and get the stamina to be active all day long. Taking power naps during the day also helps in improving your energy and stress level. You feel less tired and hence remain more active. Taking a walk outdoors in the morning helps you relax and rejuvenates your body with vitamin D.

Regulating sleep cycle

Once you will be relaxed, the sleep cycle will begin to improve make sure sleep for the right amount of time and start your day fresh early in the morning.

Drinking water

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. In addition to keeping you hydrated, it releases toxins from your body as well. Drink lot of fresh juice that is filled with various minerals and vitamins.

Taking short breaks during work

During the office hours, take breaks in between to give your brain time to relax. Additionally, make sure to have a healthy lunch. Delegate your work with your team if possible. Design a schedule or time table to follow. It helps in dividing the work and taking breaks.


It is important to stay healthy and fit. The key to being energetic is to develop good exercise and eating habits, being happy, and taking care of yourself regularly.