ANN T. (AGE 42) U.S.

LOST: 18 LBS (8.2 KG)

BEFORE: 152 lbs (70 kg)
AFTER: 134 lbs (60.7 kg)

I had let myself go probably like most of us do when I started having kids and getting busy with life and over the years I had completely lost my figure and my energy wasn’t there anymore. I had tried every new year to resolve to lose weight and get fit again, it seemed every time I tried I would lose a few lbs and then stop! This was very frustrating to me so recently I made a decision to invest in a Personal Trainer.

I researched and interviewed with some personal trainers and then I came across Brett Yokley and his fitover40 programs. I met with him and went through his assessment process and I felt comfortable knowing that his personal training programs were specific to people over 40. I signed up with Brett Yokley the very first visit.

I am consistently losing my body fat on Brett’s programs and am getting stronger and building muscle that has given shape to my body that I absolutely love! I am so proud of how I look and feel and am very glad I met Brett.

Ann T.

** As with any weight loss program individual results may vary.