CATHY S. (AGE 54) U.S.


LOST: 27 LBS (12.2 KG)

BEFORE: 149 lbs (67.5 kg)
AFTER: 122 lbs (55.3 kg)

Me and my husband actually quit another personal trainer and left with over 4 months that was already pre-paid to that trainer, even though he was a qualified trainer, he was about 25 years old and he trained us like we were 25 years old and after 4 weeks of constant pain and joint stiffness we just never went back.

We didn’t want to just give up and luckily we heard about this well known trainer that specialized in people that were 40 and over. We called Brett Yokley and met with him. After meeting with Brett and going through his assessment process we immediately signed up as his clients. I couldn’t believe how much different Brett’s workout programs were from anything I had ever done and I actually look forward to going to my workout sessions.

Brett has really helped me change my body beyond what I ever expected. My arms are strong and defined, my butt and legs have almost no fat on them now. My waist is 8 inches smaller! I’m stronger, slimmer and have more ENERGY than I had in my 20’s. I love the way my husband looks at me know and best of all I’m confident and I know I look better than I ever have! I have a totally different outlook on life now.

** As with any weight loss program individual results may vary.