DIANE D. (AGE 67) U.S.


LOST: 29 LBS (13.1 KG)

BEFORE: 160 lbs (72.5 kg)
AFTER: 131 lbs (59.4 kg)

Brett has been my personal trainer now for the last 7 years and I have lost over 20% Body Fat and to think back when I started with him I never would have believed that I would have felt and looked this good!

At my age I initially wanted to lose some of my belly fat and gain strength. I read the book “Strong women stay young” and I realized that building some muscle and strength was the key. I knew I needed to commit to a personal trainer in order to show up and follow the program. I was very cautious because I didn’t want to get hurt or injured while trying to get into shape again. I was referred to Brett Yokley from a work colleague and I made an appointment and met with him and went through his assessment process and he started to develop my exercise plan and meal plans to precisely target my goal. I started on his FitOver40Programs and here I am 7 years later looking and feeling like I did in my 40’s.

I am so glad that I found Brett Yokley and hired him as my Personal Trainer. He is always so positive and encouraging and I rely on him for keeping me “Strong and Young”.


** As with any weight loss program individual results may vary.