LOST: 10% BODY FAT (9.5 KG)

BEFORE: 34.4% body fat
AFTER: 24.2% body fat

About a year ago I tore my rotator cuff and my upper body was so weak that I could barely lift a gallon of milk. I knew I needed help so I went online and did some searching and I found Giuliana and Brett. Giuliana has been my personal trainer for over a year now and I am amazed at the results…I am so much stronger; I am healthier and I have even lost more than 10% of my body fat. She has helped me strengthen my entire body and instead of avoiding my bad rotator cuff she has designed a progressive exercise routine that actually strengthened my shoulders.

I really love the way I look and feel and I am so glad I found Giuliana. I trust her completely to help get me stronger and to keep me safe and not re-injure my shoulder or anything else for that matter. My confidence is much better and I am enjoying my experience with Giuliana.

** As with any weight loss program individual results may vary.