LOST: 18 LBS (8.1 KG)

BEFORE: 143 lbs (64.8 kg)
AFTER: 125 lbs (56.7 kg)

The Fitover40trainer programs that Brett Yokley has developed worked perfectly for me and what I wanted to accomplish. Brett started me on an exercise program that was designed for me to build some lean muscle back to my body while losing fat and inches. After being on the program it became more obvious why his 33 years of experience mattered to me at my age; I had steady progress and my joints and muscles were never sore.

I really didn’t expect the incredible results that I got from the program. I lost over 18 lbs of body fat and actually got definition in my stomach, arms and legs I really liked the 60/40 Calorie Rule and the way he had my daily calories calculated which matched my calorie consumption throughout the day with my metabolism, had me burning fat and boosted my energy and I lost weight evenly and never felt hungry or like I was missing out on anything. I’m suggesting Brett Yokley to everyone I know!

** As with any weight loss program individual results may vary.