JOHN M. (AGE 59) U.S.



BEFORE: 202 lbs (91.6 kg)
AFTER: 183 lbs (83 kg)

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and it has always affected the right side of my body and when I met with Brett he promised me to help make my body stronger as long as I promised to do what he said. I actually started to gain weight when I first started and Brett said not to worry about it, I was building muscle while I was losing fat. After a while the weight started to come off like crazy due to his nutritional guidance on the meal plans.

I’ve gained over 14 lbs of muscle and lost 9% body fat since I started working out with Brett; I never would have thought I could get this kind of progress to my strength and the functionality of my muscle due to my unique situation. I just wish that I had come to Brett 20-25 years ago because I would have had a much better situation with my condition.

So, thank you Brett

** As with any weight loss program individual results may vary.