LOST: 61 LBS (27.6 KG)

BEFORE: 278 lbs (126 kg)
AFTER: 217 lbs (98.4 kg)

In 2001 I had enough of being fat, weak and out of shape. I was referred to Brett Yokley from a friend and I wasn’t sure what I could expect to get out of Brett’s program but I was impressed what I heard about him and the fact that his personal training programs were designed specifically for people over 40 appealed to me.

I met with Brett and we went through his assessment process and he designed a program for me to lose the maximum fat while still building some muscle.

Here’s the results: I lost 61 lbs of fat. My body fat went from 33% down to 14%! My health is off the charts and my energy is through the roof!

Brett has more experience than any trainer I can think of and his programs work.

** As with any weight loss program individual results may vary.