KAREN S. (AGE 58) U.S.

LOST: 22 LBS (9.9 KG)

BEFORE: 156 lbs (70.7 kg)
AFTER: 134 lbs (60.7 kg)

I have lost over 22 lbs and I feel like I have much more energy in my daily life now. I used to have lower and middle back pain and now that is gone! I am much stronger now than before I started with Brett’s personal training.

The hardest part for me was just getting started. I just couldn’t find the time to commit to a consistent program. One day I just decided “no more excuses” so I contacted Brett Yokley and started on his and Giuliana’s fitover40trainer 16 week transformation program. I made a decision to be on the program until I lost the weight.

I am here to say that I lost the weight and am back in shape. My back pain is gone and I feel strong and fit.

Karen S.


** As with any weight loss program individual results may vary.