LISA K. (AGE 40) U.S.

LOST: 36 LBS (16.3 KG)

BEFORE: 178 lbs (80.7 kg)
AFTER: 142 lbs (64.4 kg)

I was desperate to lose weight so in 2002 I hired Brett and he promised me he’d help me lose weight as long as I was able to make the commitment to his fitover40 exercise 3-4x per week and he also described his 60/40 Calorie Rule fat burning meal plans that he told me he would start to incorporate into my eating habits as time went on

I like the fact that he was very straightforward and I knew I needed that in a personal trainer.

This is a photo of me in 2002 after losing over 36 lbs on Brett Yokley’s fitover40 program.

Brett; you don’t know how much you changed my life! Sometimes I think about how heavy I was most of my life and how I look now and I have “tears of Joy”.

Your friend always,
Lisa K.

** As with any weight loss program individual results may vary.