BEFORE: 39.6% Body Fat
AFTER: 30.2% Body Fat

I had fallen on my last 3 trips to Europe. I was only 69, and I thought if I fell again, my husband would never take me on another trip. By good fortune, I found Brett at FitOver40Trainer just before my next trip. I have been working with him for a year now and have taken 3 more trips without falling. I am a vastly different person than when I first started with Brett.

1. I have lost nearly 40 lbs. This happened without dieting, through increasing my physical activity and building muscle. The best thing was I lost my cravings for sweets! This was a REAL side effect of starting weight training.

2. I am much stronger than last year. I walk with more confidence, knowing my body will support me. I can get up out of a chair without using my arms! I feel better all over. I just had double cataract surgery, and it was a breeze, in major part because in weight training, you take in lots of oxygen, which does all sorts of good things to your body.

3. I have been especially appreciative that at every session, Brett asked me how I was feeling. And I felt that he genuinely meant it He is very aware that as you get older, there is more possibility of injuring yourself. I worked really hard at nearly all sessions, but I appreciated his awareness that sometimes you have to go easier.

4. I am overall healthier than I was last year. Last year I was a couch potato, on the way to becoming a frail old lady (69, remember?) This year I am an energetic 70-year-old. In fact, last month my doctor said to me, “You are younger this year than you were last year.” And it’s true.

I cannot recommend Brett @ Fitover40Trainer highly enough. They changed my life, and if you are willing to work, they can change your life for the better, too. Give it a try!

** As with any weight loss program individual results may vary.