Why Foods with high sugar make you gain fat

(Short version)

By Brett Yokley

When you have foods that are high sugar or drinks that are high sugar this will result in a “sugar spike” in your bloodstream. After eating a meal your body will then release “Insulin” a hormone produced by the pancreas to lower blood sugar thus regulating blood sugar. So then why would having an Insulin dump in your bloodstream make you gain fat?

Insulin’s main function is to inhibit the breakdown of fat cells and trigger the creation of body fat. Your body stops burning its fat stores and will actually absorb some of the fatty acids and glucose in the bloodstream and turn them into more body fat.

That is why after a meal with high sugar content we often experience the “sugar crash” which is actually the result of Insulin being triggered to clear out the sugar and other nutrients from the bloodstream, and in my experience with some of my clients this will lead to a vicious cycle;

Eat simple carbs blood sugar spike → Insulin dump → sugar crash → crave carbs.

Doesn’t sound fair does it? I didn’t make the rules, I just understand them.

In all the Personalized Meal Plans that I create for my fitover40trainer.com clients I include complex carbohydrates and pay close attention to the Glycemic Index which is a scale that rates foods from the simplest carbs to the more complex carbs. Diabetics and pre-diabetics are familiar (or at least should be) with the Glycemic Index (G.I.). Knowing and understanding this G.I. scale can help you maintain a more constant blood sugar level throughout the day, ease the cravings for sugar and keep your Insulin at a normal baseline level making it much easier and faster to lose fat.

Be careful often times products marketed as “light” or “low-fat” sometimes will contain more sugar than standard original version. Some of the following foods and drinks are ones we might assume are low-sugar but actually are higher than you might be aware of:

• Low-Fat Yogurt
• Flavored Coffees
• Spaghetti Sauce
• Ketchup
• Chocolate Milk
• Granola
• Barbeque Sauce
• Fruit Juice
• Sports Drinks
• Vitaminwater
• Cereal Bars
• Canned Fruit
• Bottled Smoothies
• Breakfast Cereal


Example of very high sugar content

Always look on the back of your food item and pay close attention to the sugar content that should always be labeled on the “Nutrition Facts”. It’s always smart to look at the sugar content and stay away from foods that contain more than 10 grams of sugar per serving, or choose a smarter alternative

I hope this makes difference in your weight loss goals. I know that it definitely makes a difference to all my personal training clients; When they limit their sugar intake I can see a marked increase in their energy levels…and they start losing fat too!

Talk to you soon.

Brett Yokley
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Senior Fitness Trainer.
Certified Nutrition Specialist.
Owner/BetterBodies Fitness Personal Training Gym.